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PowerChess Grandmaster Chess Camp
(suitable for 5 - 15 years old)

PowerChess Grandmaster Chess Camp is a 3 full-day programme for absolute chess beginners and intermediate players. In our Chess Camps, kids who don't know anything about chess learn the rules and begin to experience the magic of this great game. For those who already have some knowledge of chess, the Camp is a good opportunity to improve their skills in the openings, middlegames, endgames, tactical knowledge and strategy. 

The goal the Camp is to have young students learn the basics and fundamentals of the royal game through an instructive and educational environment while having fun doing so. Participants will be seperated into groups of different playing abilities. Coaches to students ratio will be kept small.

Students learn from our World-Class Chess Masters Coaches, and have the chance to test and refine their new skills in a variety of competitions. And it's not all serious study...there's plenty of time each day to have fun with friends, old and new. The Camp includes group lessons, small group coaching, a variety of specially designed learning exercises, and both formal and recreational play.

Camp participants will look forward to winning awards and prizes in many exciting competitions, quizzes and puzzles.

Why send kids to PowerChess Grandmaster Chess Camp?

PowerChess Asia Pte Ltd has developed a chess introduction program for younger children. Developed and taught by our Master Coaches, this program builds academic skills through exciting chess activities.

Our approach includes an introduction to the chessboard, chess characters and pre-chess games. Young non-players improve spatial skills, math and reading readiness, cooperative play and problem-solving skills as they learn the basics of chess. Students learn, study and practice in a fun yet challenging environment where fair play, personal integrity and fair sportsmanship are taught as essential elements of the game. They are taught chess readiness games and puzzles that they begin playing with each other and with their siblings, parents and grandparents.

All chess camp participants will receive our comprehensive worksheets covering in detail the lessons and examples used during the chess camp.

By the end of the program, students will have a new sense of confidence in knowing that they can play a basic game of chess. If they desire to learn more in chess, they can do so by taking further formal lessons in chess.