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Master Chess Lessons

Professional chess training by World-Class FIDE Chess Masters is now available in Singapore.

Our specially designed chess programs have consistently top young chess players over the years. Our students learn chess at an accelerated rate compared to others.
The Master Chess Lessons are suitable for all levels of chess players, from absolute beginners to advanced tournament players. Your child (5 years or older) can play a proper game of chess after 4 lessons!

Students will learn from our Grandmasters and International Masters who are able to coach chess at the highest levels. Our students learn chess at an accelerated rate, becoming good at the game at a much faster rate than most other students.

Topics will comprise all aspects of the game of chess including, but not limited to, openings, middlegames, endgames, tactics and strategy. Besides learning chess theory, there will be serious training games and post-games analysis by our Masters.

Lessons are highly educational, instructive and conducted in a friendly and fun environment to maximize the students’ learning capacities. 

Our chess lessons for beginners are very effective.  Our chess programs has helped many of our students to excel in chess competitions.

We conduct our coachings in small groups and personalised one-on-one sessions.

Most of all, our fees are surprisingly affordable.

Contact us for a trial lesson. 

Lessons are conducted daily. Our operating hours: 9am - 9pm.

Chess Lessons For Kids.
Our chess lessons for children are extremely popular as the programs are both instructive and enjoyable. Many of our young students, after 2-3 years, become good chess players competing regularly in chess tournaments. 

Novice Course
This program is designed for absolute beginners and students with scant knowledge of chess. The aim of this course is to strengthen the participants' foundation in the game of chess. The program consists of five to six lessons (each lasting one hour), after which, the student will be able to play a proper game of chess. A Master Coach will be assigned to each student and will instruct the student one-on-one.

Master Chess Classes

The classes are separated into Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced groups. Each class will have 6-15 participants and is 2 hours in duration. Theories will be taught although emphasis will be on practised games under the close supervision of our Master Coaches. Analysis of the students' games will be a regular feature.

Personalised Lessons
For students who wish to learn chess at an accelerated rate, personalised one-on-one lessons with our Master Coaches will be ideal. Lessons will typically last between 1.5-2 hours. Students will learn chess at their own pace. Our Master Coaches will draw up an individualised lesson program for each student.