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Which Coach to Choose?

Over the past 12 years, our company have hired and fired many chess coaches, including chess Grandmasters. A chess Grandmaster is a title awarded to someone who is able to play chess at a high level, not a recognition that the Grandmaster is able to teach chess.

All our chess coaches have vast experience in teaching chess to young children. Our coaches are dedicated, devoted, patient and above all, able to communicate well with our young students.

Learning chess is not only about moving the chess pieces on the chess board. It normally takes 2-3 years for a student to become a good chess player. During this period, the student is studying chess closely and usually alone with the coach. The young student will inevitably pick up other traits from the chess coach. As such, the chess coach has considerable influence on the student's character building. It is extremely important to know and understand the background of the student's chess coach.
In today's internet age, it is easy to do a quick search online to find out any character flaw of the chess coach. If the chess coach has been involved in, for example, unsportsman conduct or in controversies previously, the parent may wish to consider if it is prudent for the child to learn chess from such a chess coach, even if it is a chess Grandmaster. It is always worth remembering that "A leopard will never change its spots". Therefore, Grandmasters with character flaws will not be able to find employment with our company.

That is why our Master Coaches are carefully selected from all over the world. Besides learning chess, our  students are also learning important moral values, integrity, ethics, inter-personal skills etc from our Master Coaches. These are critical life skills for the students to learn and will be crucial when the students become adults.

As one of the leading chess school, we understand the needs and concerns of the parents and students. We will always strive to provide the best chess learning environment and programmes for our students. That is why we have among our clientele, the elite institutions as well as children of Ministers and Principals of top schools as well as dignitaries and prominent businessmen. 
Our company has consistently produced young top chess players. In the recent National Schools Individual Chess Championships 2010, out of the six categories contested, we produced 5 champions!